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César Franck: Sonata that sounds good on the Cello / Arrangement of the piano part by Yuki Hasegawa (sheet music pdf)

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Special piano part for cellist! Arrangement performed at the Cello recital by the 1st soloist of Paris Opéra, Aurélien Sabouret, acclaimed by the Japanese prestigious music magazine "Ongaku-no-tomo" has been published.

Compatible with your own cello part! (Cello part of Yuki's revision is also attached*)

- Cello can sing using up to pianissimo. Piano part avoided same range.
- Reduced the scenes without soprano. New score realizes natural sound spread.
- Avoided the dialogue cello-piano between the ranges too far away
After the concert, the arrangement was so natural that no one mentioned it!

Also, kind material for pianist:
- Piano score’s cello part is written only with G&F clef.
- Rehearsal numbers and bar numbers are compatible with the 1st edition by Delsart, Bärenreiter edition and Henle edition.
- Page layout is same as 1st edition to facilitate comparison.
You will get a PDF (10MB) file


Arranger, pianist, conductor and producer.

She completed the department of piano at the Kunitachi College of Music, and the departments of chamber music, écriture musicale and orchestration at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris-CNR. She also studied écriture musicale at the CNSM-Lyon. She studied under Profs. Alain Louvier, Bernard de Crépy and other representative professors in France in terms of composition and arrangement.

Since her student days, she has often been nominated as an official pianist for competitions and masterclasses for orchestral instruments in both Japan and France. And she has worked on numerous experimental harmonic works of the early 20th century as a chamber musician.

She later completed the orchestral conducting biennio department at the Milano Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado. In recent years she has been the frequent guest conductor to the Japan Croatia Music Society, and commissioned arranger and translator (German) for the Society and others.

Representative of the Edition les bons concerts and cooperating artist of the Pro Arte Musicae Co. Ltd. Japan.

(As of 20, February 2022)

Latest information and inquiries:

Edition les bons concerts

The name of the publisher has been given with the wish: "Good concerts with this sheet music!"

In addition to considering the page-turning position, the sheet musics are designed for ease of use in the rehearsal, such as adding the rehearsal numbers of other editions in case the accompanist's score is different from the soloist's.